Save Energy

Productive ways to save energy in your home

No one wants to accumulate a hefty power bill, especially if you are on a budget. Listed below are some simple green ideas which will reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Make it apart of your shopping schedule to purchase compact fluorescent light or CFL bulbs. Availing such green light bulbs help save a whopping 75 percent of energy as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Although the CFL bulbs do cost a tad bit more than the conventional light bulbs, it will enable you to save up more amounts of money in the long run as it lasts much longer and doesn’t use as much energy.

Save Energy

Turn down your thermostat

Tend to reduce the temperature settings on all your heating, air conditioning units and hot water systems you own by a minimum of at least two to three degrees. Always remember to turn off the heaters after use and never leave it on all night as it could keep stacking up the bill. Use simple ways to raise temperatures by heating your bed with a hot water bottle or using an electric blanket for a few minutes. This technique combined with your body heat and flannel sheets will allow you to feel all warm and comfortable despite the presence of cold air temperature in the room.

Use cold water in your washing machine

Using cold water along with a quick cycle will without a doubt help you save costs and reduce your home’s energy bill. Consider purchasing a front loading machine as they are known to use up to 50 percent of less energy than top loaders.

Fix your windows

Did you know that transparent drafty windows let a vast amount of heat escape resulting in a higher winter power bill? You redress this issue by purchasing double glazing windows. If you lack the purchasing power to buy such high-performance windows, consider insulating your windows by applying bubble wrap to the panes which is much more efficient.

Plant it

If you are thinking ahead or on a long-term scale, plan an initiative to install trees and shrubs outside surrounding the house. Trees provide you with shade which will make your home much cooler especially during the hot summer. Consider planting fast-growing shrub such as lily pilly outside the windows to achieve a good windbreak in no time and preventing cold air from entering in the winter season.